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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Price, Color, Images and Specs

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Welcome to the era of mobile AI. With Galaxy S24 Ultra in your hands, you can unleash whole new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility — starting with the most important device in your life. Your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Price

Price: ₹ 129,999

Samsung Galaxy S24 Specs

Meet Galaxy S24 Ultra, the ultimate form of Galaxy Ultra with a new titanium exterior and a 17.25cm flat display.6,7 It’s an absolute marvel of design.

  • Armor up with titanium
  • 200MP [Wide-angle & 2x Optical Quality Zoom10] – With the most megapixels on a smartphone and AI processing, Galaxy S24 Ultra sets the industry standard for image quality every time you hit the shutter. What’s more, the new ProVisual engine recognizes objects — improving colour tone, reducing noise and bringing out detail.
  • 12MP Ultra Wide
  • 50MP [5x Optical Zoom & 10x Optical Quality Zoom10]
  • 10MP 3x Optical Zoom
  • 12MP
  • Selfie Camera
  • ProVisual engine shoots every night in clear detail – Space Zoom puts you in the middle of the action, even at night. With 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS, photos and videos are brighter and more stable — making even distant subjects clearly stunning.
  • Bend time with Instant Slow-mo – Turn regular videos into cinematic marvels using Instant Slow-mo. With AI-generated images between frames, all it takes is a simple touch and hold to control when to start and stop the Slow-mo effect, even on downloads.
  • Super HDR. AI from preview to post – With our latest Super HDR upgrade, camera previews display Super HDR just like your final capture. You can immediately see what your super-vivid photos and videos will look like before you even take them.17 Plus, it even works when you’re shooting with social media app cameras.
  • Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate – Thanks to Live Translate, now you can get real-time interpretation while you’re on the phone.2 Break down language barriers like never before — even through messaging. Reply back in your own language — it’ll get translated on their end too.
  • Pick the right tone for your text with Chat Assist – Compose text messages with AI at the helm in Chat Assist.18 Now you can say what you mean with the voice of a professional, a close friend, even just politely. Go from “how do I say this?” to “why didn’t I think of that?” in seconds
  • 2600 nit display. Our brightest adaptive mobile display under the sun – Our most immersive display comes with some major visibility upgrades. Corning® Gorilla® Armor reduces reflections and improves visual clarity, even in direct sunlight. Then, an improved Vision Booster enhances contrast and colour for a clearly exceptional experience.

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